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Take Them a Meal

Take Them A Meal

"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another"
-Jesus as recorded in John 13:35

Take Them A Meal is CCUMC's newest food ministry! We use a free online tool to coordinate delivery of meals to those in need within our congregation. Whether it be a newborn baby, an unexpected hospitalization, or loss of a loved one, these situations can often be overwhelming...and a perfect time for the church family to show love through provision of a few meals if desired.

Have a request or want to join? Find our more information below.

Request A Meal

Join the Take A Meal Ministry

Is your family in need of this ministry? It's this easy...

  1. Call the church office at 260.244.7671 or send your request via the form below.

  2. You will receive a call from a meal coordinator to discuss dates and meal specifics.

  3. A friendly face will deliver meals when you need them.

Recipient Name *
Recipient Name
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Recipient Phone

Want to volunteer as a meal provider? Do this...

  1. Call the church office at 260.244.7671 or via the form below.

  2. When the need arises, you may receive an invitation from a meal coordinator.

  3. Click the link in your invitation email to easily go to the meal schedule to sign up.

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Volunteer Name
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Volunteer Phone