Columbia City United Methodist Church
Whether you are seeking to find your place in this world, looking for a place to worship, or are just visiting, we welcome you with open hearts

What To Expect

Are you new to Columbia City, Indiana or a first time visitor to Columbia City United Methodist Church? Here you will find all the information about what to expect when you visit including worship times, ministry events, and other information. 

What to Expect

Columbia City United Methodist Church is a large and diverse congregation. Whether it's through doing home repair, drinking coffee, playing music, or any other number of things, we've got something for everyone at every level of faith. Maybe it's your first time in a church, or maybe you've been going to church since childhood - either way, you'll fit right in here.

We Offer Two Worship Times

Our 8:30 worship is the Traditional Service which features liturgy, hymns, teaching time, music lead by piano, organ, and choir. 

Our 11:00 worship is the Modern Service which features praise team-led music, teaching times, and children's church.

Nursery care is available for all of our Sunday services.

Mid-Week Ministries

Triple F - Wednesdays at 5:30

We are eager for you to find your place here as the new season of Triple F (Faith, Food, and Fellowship) kicks off on September 6th. 

This will be a completely new experience! Wednesday's will now be a weekly event for everyone in the family. From a family dinner with the congregation at 5:30, to worship and a short message with Pastor Fred at 6:00, to our small group studies, City Kids and City Students, and City Life.

City Life - Wednesdays at 5:30

City Life is an opportunity for adults in our community to fellowship around mutual interests, such as food, woodworking, music, and more. To find out what class you're interested it, click here.

City Kids - Wednesdays at 6:00

Open for Ages 3 - 5th Grade. City Kids incorporates Bible studies, stories, and games into an exciting evening where children through prayer and praise, deepen their friendship with God.

City Student Ministries - Wednesdays at 6:00

City Student Ministry is where youth and Christ are joined together to begin to learn how to change and react in the world around them. Each evening of City Students consists of games, worship, lesson, and small groups. 

Our Mission

The mission of Columbia City United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We will minister to over half of the people in Whitley County.


  • By offering a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • By making Christ relevant in daily life
  • By including people from all walks of life
  • By serving unmet needs both locally and globally
  • By advocating for social justice

As a United Methodist Church, we believe that Jesus Christ is real in our lives and that he has the power to transform our living. We know that God loves us as we are, and we believe we are called through Jesus to love God and each other for the betterment of the world.


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