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Phil Harman

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Phil Harman currently serves as the Associate Pastor at Columbia City United Methodist Church. His past ministry work includes time as pastor of Collins United Methodist Church in Indiana, and time as a worship leader, a youth leader, and a technical producer for churches in Indiana.  Phil got his start in ministry during his college days when he worked as a summer staff member at Epworth Forest Conference Center. In 2014, Phil lead the high school program at Epworth Forest as the interim Program Manager for That Thing Event.  As graduate of Indiana University in 2012, he now attends seminary to complete a Masters of Divinity. Phil is a crazy sports fan, especially for any and all things Indiana University; football, soccer, baseball, and especially basketball. And of course being a native hoosier, the Indianapolis Colts. Phil married the love of his life,  Ashley, in the summer of 2015 and they live in Columbia City.