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Fusion Student Ministries helps to connect students from 6th - 12th grade into meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ. 

city student ministry

What is City?

City Student Ministry is where youth and Christ are joined together to begin to learn how to change and react in the world around them. Each evening of City Students consists of games, worship, lesson, and small groups. 

What are we teaching right now?


Social Media is awesome. It’s brought us some of the best inventions in modern times. Like the selfie, or even better, the selfie stick. Maybe you’re a fan of the hashtag or the GIF or weekly holidays like Throwback Thursday. All of those were all made popular by one social network or another. And, maybe one of the best things these apps have given us is the filter. Filters are amazing. They basically change the way you see something in a picture. A quick swipe and you can instantly make your photo look brighter, dimmer, older, newer, you can change the shape of your eyes, change the color of your hair, or even swap faces with another human being! You know what we called that in the old days? Magic. Now, it’s just normal. You take a pic and you automatically start swiping to the left or the right to find filters that will make the scene better or funnier or more interesting. But in the process of posting our lives online, other things can get filtered too, maybe even things that shouldn’t—like how we see ourselves, our words, and even other people. When we can’t see a situation clearly, it’s easy to forget how powerful our posts and pics really are. Even though the Bible doesn’t say much about which Instagram filter to use or whether screenshotting Snapchat is actually a sin, it does offer a lot of advice that’s really helpful as we navigate our social lives online. As we explore what an ancient book can teach us about modern social life, we may just find God’s plan for us isn’t to use social media LESS, but instead enjoy it MORE as we learn which things are better with NO FILTER.


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When is This Thing?

City Students meets most Wednesdays of the school year (August - May) from 6:15-7:30 at Columbia City United Methodist Church. On Wednesdays without City Students, look for special events called Couches. These range from Dairy Queen trips, to bowling, to movie nights.

How Does Student Ministry Get coordinated?

Youth Council is an open group of current youth, parents, youth leaders and other adults that usually meet 1st Sunday of the month at 9:45 pm, throughout the year to oversee all the great programming.

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