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Fusion Student Ministries helps to connect students from 6th - 12th grade into meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ. 

fusion student ministry

What is Fusion?

Fusion, in the science world, is a reaction in which 2 different atoms join together to produce energy. Fusion Youth Ministry is where youth and Christ are joined together to produce energy and begin to learn how to change and react in the world around them. Each evening of Fusion consists of games, worship, lesson, and reaction small groups. 

What is a Meltdown?

In nuclear physics, a meltdown is an event in which the energy produced by fusion becomes so out of control, it literally bursts through its containment. Our meltdowns happen once a month and are opportunities for the reactions we are having weekly to burst into the world around us in outreach.

When is This Thing?

Fusion meets most Wednesdays of the school year (August - May) from 6:15-7:30 at CCUMC. On Wednesdays without Fusion, look for special events called Couches. These range from Dairy Queen trips, to bowling, to movie nights.

Fusion also meets during Meltdowns about once a month on special days. For a full up to date calendar, download the calendar. 

How Does Youth Ministry Get coordinated?

Youth Council is an open group of current youth, parents, youth leaders and other adults that usually meet 1st Sunday of the month at 9:45 pm, throughout the year to oversee all the great programming.

Full Calendar Found Here

Fusion Health Forms

Download the HEALTH FORM and return to CCUMC or email to

Amazon Smile Fundraising

Go to to help support our mission trips, camps, and fall study trips. Whatever you purchase through Smile on Amazon, a portion of that goes to help support Student Ministries at CCUMC.

Text Blasting

  • Parents: Text @746984 to 81010
  • Youth: Text @2210af to 81010

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