Columbia City United Methodist Church
Whether you are seeking to find your place in this world, looking for a place to worship, or are just visiting, we welcome you with open hearts



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+ About Columbia City

Columbia City United Methodist Church is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, all at different places in life, looking for answers. Every Sunday at 8:30am and 11:00am, the church gathers together to worship and share with each other the love of God. Whether you've been following Christ for years or you're just interested in learning more about who He is and what He has to do with you, feel free to come and worship on Sunday mornings

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An uncomforatble part of visiting a church can be when the plates go by. Here is the promise, there is an expectation for you to give today, but not necessarily with your money. A part of true and honest worship is giving yourself to God wholly in praise. If you do feel like giving in other ways, you can as the plate go by or by following the link below.

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